Our team leader

Steve White and his wife Debbie joined us at the beginning of 2019.  Steve had previously enjoyed 10 years as an assistant minister at Harbourside Presbyterian Church in Coffs Harbour after finishing his studies at Moore Theological College.  His passion as a pastor is fuelled by a deep appreciation of God's immense grace over his life.  When he's not pastoring YPC his loves include spending time with Deb and his 4 kids, photography, running, music, and watching Liverpool dominate the Premier League.

Our Elders

As a Presbyterian church we are governed by a group of elders who have been elected by the congregation.  This group is called a "session" and, along with Steve, is responsible for looking after the spiritual life of the congregation.

Our elders are:

John Roxburgh, a sheep farmer from Milvale and the clerk of session.

Geoff Davis, a local primary school teacher,

Rob Daniels, a local high school teacher and

Bryce Weedon, a town planner with Hilltops Council

Deacons of care

Our deacons of care are a group of women who assist the elders in pastorally caring for the church.  Our current deacons are April Daniels, Judith Nall-Bird, Debbie White and Lindel Roxburgh.