Our values & vision

Our Values:

  • We value above all else God the creator, sustainer, ruler and redeemer of all who is Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 
  • We value the authority of the Bible. It is God’s word to us and central to all that we do. Therefore, we value accessible, biblical teaching that holds to the truth of the gospel.
  • We value the gift of Prayer. It is vital to our relationship with God and essential to all that we do. We value time spent in private and public prayer praising God, thanking Him for all he has given us and humbly and confidently asking for Him to provide for all that we need.
  • We value Leadership that is godly, approachable and who uphold gospel integrity.
  • We value our Church Community. It is a genuine, diverse and loving group of brothers and sisters in Christ who enjoy spending time together in God’s word and caring for each other’s needs.
  • We value our Youth and Children. They are precious gifts from God, and we partner with their parents to bring them up as followers of Jesus.
  • We value Sunday Church where we can come as we are to praise and worship God. We value our time spent together hearing God’s word truthfully taught and responding through prayer and song.
  • We value the Community of Young and, in connection with other churches, offer the hope of the gospel to everyone.
  • We value all People and Nations and seek to share in the work of those who proclaim the gospel in Australia and overseas.

Our Vision:

We believe that God is calling us to:

  • Be a church that worships and glorifies Him
  • Be, make and grow followers of Jesus
  • Proclaim the truth of His Word, the Bible
  • Be united through the gospel to love Him and each other
  • Encourage and equip each other to serve according to the abilities God has given us
  • Engage with the people of Young and the World to bless them with the light and hope of the gospel